Sylmark - Has not credited my acct even tho item returned

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I purchased Light Relief from Sylmark. Should have checked the internet first but didn't.

After checking the internet I phoned them back the same day request cancellation of the order. They said they couldn't. Asked why and didn't get a satisfactory answer. Refused item at door from postman on Jan.

12/11. It is now Feb. 22/11 and when I phoned them, they say it has not been received. They are giving me the runaround.

I will boycot all their associated companies.

I somehow got infomation that items refused, are returned to place in Ontario, which I called the same day I purchased the item, and she confirmed they are returned there. As I am not at home but out of the province, I do not have the lady's number.

Monetary Loss: $143.



Hi Dubious,

I work for the Light Relief company. I am sorry that you have not been refunded to date.

Please email me directly at so I can locate you in our data base and assist you. Thank you, Mary

Sylmark/Prosvent Does Not Respond to Consumer Inquiries / Overbills / Attempts Erroneous CC Charges

Not resolved

I have contacted Sylmark/Prosvent customer service via email ( on multiple occasions to notify them of over billing, and to request a discontinuation of their product shipments. I have received a delivery confirmation email each time from their email servers, but no one has followed up.

No one has acknowledged or reconciled my inquiry about the the over billing, and the company continues to attempt the charge my credit card. Fortunately my credit card has expired so they can do no more harm. Yet they still attempt to charge me as I continue to receive "Credt Card Declined" emails from them almost daily.

Boycott and notify the FTC and BBB about companies with unethical business practices such as Sylmark/Prosvent.



Sir / Madam.

please mail me free samples of prosvent as i pass urine 15 -20 times a day, I AM 73 YEAR OLD,DATE OF BIRTH OCT-04-1939.








Cal cutomer service:


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